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The Company
Experience. Leadership. Accountability.

We are a leading contractor in the world of high efficient PV Solar Systems. Our focus is completing your solar system from A to Z. We also provide all follow up service after installation. Getting your home connected and properly credited from the utilities is key in maximizing your savings. We specialize in this crucial step, where other installers fall short. We use only the highest quality, American made products. Our focus is to always surpass your expectations.


Company Background

EES Solar Inc. was established in 1978 to provide renewable energy solutions. For the last 15 years we have focused primarily on sustainable solar installation and service. These systems free you from the ever rising costs of energy, and the monopolized utility companies.


We have over 35 years of experience in the alternative energy industry, using current technologies and state of the art techniques. We ensure the best possible solar electric system to meet the needs of our customers.  You can be confident that EES Solar Inc. will be around tomorrow to service your system.

Our Commitment to You

EES Solar's commitment to the public is to design and install a solar electric system that best suits your family or business. By using our many years of experience in the alternative energy industry, current technologies, and state of the art techniques, we ensure the best possible solar electric system for you.

Our Principals

Integrity, leadership, and accountability are staples of our practice. We only represent manufacturers that are proven to have excellent customer service, the most reliable products, and the least environmental impact during manufacturing. Our 100% customer satisfaction rating is our pledge to maintain happy customers after installation, and build lasting relations.



Contact us for a free evaluation and consultation. We will assess your current engery usage, look at ways for you to save engergy and money. If solar is a good option for you we will walk you through which type of solar system would be right for you. 


Free Consultation

Experienced Solar in Northern California


Solar panels are the energy efficient wave of the PRESENT. Heating and cooling costs are on the rise. Homes and businesses all across America are choosing green alternatives to lower their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint. To achieve independence from costly, conventional methods, you need proven and secured solutions. Our goal is to free you from ever rising utility rates. Our expert technicians provide free in-home estimates to diagnose your energy needs. When you make the easy choice of money-saving solar, we will devise a custom energy system based on your specific needs and budget. We’ll teach you what the energy consumption of your home truly is, andcorrelate the correct number of panels needed for optimal output and savings. Because there are no moving parts to solar panels, production and maintenance are simple. Our trained solar staff will install the panels, racking, wiring, and the inverter to convert your energy. After installation, you can start using the sun to power your home, prevent costs from rising, and begin selling excess energy to your local utility company. Contact EES Solar today and let us help you harness the green power of the sun!

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