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Solutions - Comprehensive and Designed for You

We would like to see everyone become energy independent. We offer a comprehensive array of solar energy systems, designed specifically for you.  We provide systems for residential and and commercial.  We build every system based on current energy usage and potential future energy needs. Your next door neighbors’ system is not necessarily the right solution for you.


We guide and inform customers through the entire solar process, with a NO PRESSURE approach We strive to maximize your economical payback as well as environmental impact. Our solar designers will provide answers and information from the initial consultation, through the life of your system.

Solar Calculator

Your system is calculated with your greatest return on investment in mind. 

Solar Panels

We use only American panels. Highest quality, low degradation and 100% made in the USA.

Net Metering Agreement

When you go solar you can track your production, and sell your excess energy back to PG&E. 


We choose from several inverters, depending on the system design, and customer preference.

Rebates and Financing
Federal, State, and local rebate programs are available and we can assist with financing.

PG&E provides a simple solar calculator on their web site. 

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