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Financing - Flexible Options and Programs

EES Solar offers several financing programs to fit your budget and goals. We have the ability to combine services in a way banks and leases cannot.


If you qualify, we can get you solar for $0 down and no payments until December 2015!

Bridge Loans

EES Solar provides different programs to cover your system until you secure a long-term finance option, or until you receive your 30% federal tax credit.

Self Financed

​​Cash, Financing, Credit Union or Home Equity loans are a great way to pay for a solar system.

EES SOLAR Financed

We have several programs available to customers with sub par credit ratings. Solar energy freedom available to all!

Rebates - Federal, State and Local Programs

Our consulting team will ensure all applicable rebate programs are taken into account when we design your system. This includes financed systems. Below are some examples of programs that may apply:


Federal Tax Credit (Currently 30%)

This incentive is a dollar for dollar tax credit which reduces the cost of your system by 30%. It is independent of income level, and it is the most substantial rebate available to those who purchase a solar system.


California Solar Initiative - CSI

This incentive program has run out of funds for PG&E customers. If it ever comes back we will be sure to inform you about it.


Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

This program is for Sonoma County residents only. It offers a unique financing option for homeowners. We can let you know if you qualify.


City of Healdsburg Rebate Program

If you live within the city boundaries of Healdsburg you may qualify for their local rebate program.


Napa County - HERO Program

Low interest, tax deductible financing option that is repaid through your property taxes. We can let you know if you qualify.

Contact us for a free evaluation and consultation. We will assess your current energy usage and look at ways for you to save energy and money. If solar is a good option for you we will walk you through which type of solar system would be right for you and what rebates and financing options you have.


Free Consultation
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